Monday, July 26

Artificial intelligence future

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world at a faster rate. Now we can see the use of robotics, which is a result of machine learning and artificial intelligence, everywhere and the day is not so far when everything will be in the hands of robots. There are many other technologies which affect our lives but the impact of artificial intelligence is way different. It can benefit us as well as harm us. So it is important to know where to set the limitations. Many visionaries like Stephen Hawkins, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and others have said that it could be disastrous if machines start thinking better than humans. So we should know when and where to draw the line regarding the artificial intelligence future.

In the future, artificial intelligence will create artificial lives or you can say fully functional robots who can understand the emotions, can talk, can show the feelings and emotions, can think and overall they will be capable of interaction fully like a human. But scientists need to set the limits for their programming to avoid the machine chaos in future. They could be even beneficial to humans like to perform dangerous jobs in which there is a great risk of life which will be the future of Artificial intelligence. Even in present times, drones and many other robots are used and operated by the remotes.

We are moving towards technology at a faster rate and because of this the robots will soon be indispensable parts of our lives. They will be responsible to make our lives easier. Many basic as well as complicated can be performed by them as they will be designed in such a way. But we need to be careful that with less work our life should not be sedentary as this can lead to many health issues. So there is no point in advancing technology if we have to bear the negative impacts of that.

With this advancement of technology the day is not far when our face will be our ID. Even many companies are working on AI driven applications to use face recognition to complete the transactions. This will stop the bad practices. In future, your aadhar card and driving license will be linked to your face recognition to recognize you instantly and you do not have to carry multiple documents with you. It will also help making the day to day transactions at a faster rate and more efficiently for which you do not have to be in line at different places.

So this will be the Artificial intelligence future which will have a great impact in everyone’s life.

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